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Visit The Old Homestead

One of Owls Head's Oldest Homes

Mussel Ridge Historical Society has  leased the building from the town of Owls Head since 1963. At the time, it was in utter disrepair. The buildings house, barn and sheds, were going to be burned by the fire department as a practice drill. Members of the newly formed Mussel Ridge Historical Society realized the importance of the early structure and asked the town authorities to delay any decision to destroy it until they had an opportunity to ask the town’s people to preserve; this was done at the March, 1963, town meeting.

Since then, through memberships, donations, and fundraising projects, work on the building has continued, however slowly. Volunteers and friends provided window glass, the “new” fireplace, new sills, moldings, the new roof and other items, as well as the labor to go with them.

The Old Homestead is open on Wednesday from 2-4 pm, July through September each year. Visitors are encouraged to tour the home, barn, and grounds. Representatives of the Historical Society are available during these hours to answer questions about the Old Homestead. There is no charge to visit, however, donations are gratefully welcomed.

The Old Homestead: Welcome
The Old Homestead: Exhibitions
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