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The Mussel Ridge Learning Center

Preserving Owl's Head History Today

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Preserving Owl's Head History Today

Owl's Head has a rich maritime and boat building history, which inspired the inclusion of a sloop in the logo. This particular sloop is taken from a drawing of a 25' sloop designed by Alvin Hurd (1861-1956) of Ash Point, Owl's Head. Alvin is a descendant of one of the first settlers of Owl's Head, William and Abigail Crockett Heard, who purchased a vast amount of land in Ash Point from Henry Knox in the 1700s. Many of Alvin's descendants still reside in town today.

Special thanks to Tayler Philbrook for creating the Mussel Ridge Learning Center logo for us.


Proposed Mussel Ridge Learning Center

For many years, the members of the MRHS have desired a safe place to store historical items requiring climate control. It has long been a dream of all to have a central spot to store the collections in a way that they could be used by interested residents and visitors. At last, it is going to happen! At its 2019 annual meeting the town voted to approve the Mussel Ridge Historical Society building a learning center on town property, adjacent to the community building. The Society was required to raise all the necessary building funds before the project can begin. After construction the building will be owned by the town and leased to the society. The building will offer a climate-controlled situation which will be safe for all the deeds, letters, photos, and the like.  It will be a place where all residents and visitors will be welcome to do research or just peruse the items that are there.  It will be a place for school groups to come and learn about their own town and its past. Our hope is that it will be a welcome place for people to hold meetings or gatherings of various sorts.


Mussel Ridge Learning Center Campaign: Exhibitions


Word on the Street

Mussel Ridge Learning Center Campaign: Testimonials

"Local history is a grounding for future generations. Artifacts being preserved illustrate the stories passed down and make them more meaningful and memorable!"

Ann Walker McCann

We are all making history here in Owl's Head, though some of us have been at it a little longer than others. I feel fortunate to be part of a family that has been actively involved in our community since the early 1800s. This was accomplished through concern for our neighbors’ chosen livelihoods, participation in our town's government, and various activities. The Mussel Ridge Learning Center will give us all a long anticipated “place" where we can archive, teach, learn and share more about this special area and its people.

Kay Ross Dodge

I love local history and think that preservation is important. It gives us a sense of what has been done in the past to make this a community we want to live in and strengthens our commitment to being good stewards in the present so we can pass along a better town for the future.

John Hufnagel

Our Timeline

MRHS is responsible for raising the necessary funds for the building, which will be built on town land, adjacent to the Community Center. MRHS is required to raise all of the funding before construction can begin. The project itself will be overseen and managed by the Town of Owls Head. The town has given MRHS 3 years in which to secure the funding. MRHS must raise the funds by September 2022 in order to proceed.


The campaign goal is $220,000. As of January 2023 we’ve secured $80,000.

By supporting MRHS’s capital campaign you will be a part of Owls Head’s history. Please help bring to life the Mussel Ridge Learning Center. Thank you.

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