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A personal story

Meet Micah Philbrook!  He is a 6th generation life-long resident of Owls Head.  He and his wife Claire live here in town and are the parents of three beautiful children. Micah has had 5 generations of lobstermen go before him to pave his way, and has had his own business lobstering since he was a boy. Now he is working with his 10 year old son Abel to help him learn the trade. Micah enjoys sawmilling, island exploration, and playing guitar at Owls Head Baptist Church when he isn’t on the water.  He has a love for history and enjoys the hands on discovery of it through metal detecting, reading articles and books, and SCUBA diving.  He is the "keeper" of our Instagram Account and is happy to sort through photos and archive them for us in this way. If you have any pictures you would like to have featured please send them our way!

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